Tips Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat has become one common health problem faced by many  irrespective of age and gender but by following simple tips will help you to get rid  of this easily. So, to do this first we need to know the reasons behind it:


reduce belly fat

  • If you do not do physical exercise regularly and unhealthy food habits like taking food untimely, fast food etc.,  may cause belly fat.
  • one should change their diet with healthy vegetables,juices and fruits.
  • Taking of  butter, ghee, peanut butter etc., should be reduced.
  • Should take the food which is rich in Magnesium because it controls about 300 reactions in our body. If their is decrease in magnesium in our body usually leads to fall in insulin . Magnesium is rich in fishes, beans, Bananas, curd, chocolates and dry fruits.

So, now you must be knowing the reason for belly fat in your body and now will see simple exercises which helps you to get rid it:

  • Jumping jacks : This is an simple aerobic exercise which makes you sweat and helps you to lose belly fat effectively.
  • Jogging: This is not only for reducing your belly fat but also helpful in improving your body metabolism rate.
  • Stair exercises: climb steps up and down regularly for 20 minutes and this helps in reduction of fat.
  • Start taking green Tea
  • Play your sport: Now a days everybody are busy in their daily routines, so now its time to give some quality to your favorite sport.
  • By doing Yoga: Suryanamaskaras and some asanas helps in maintaining a healthy body.
  • Take Lemon , honey with luke warm water early in the morning and don’t have anything for half an hour.

Before doing all this it is always better to consult a Doctor as few exercise may not be suitable to your body . Please let me know your views on belly fat and  any other tips by posting your comments. Thanks for reading.

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