Tips to maintain a car

Many of us buy cars with so much love but face problem in maintaining it. So, here am sharing a few tips for maintaining a car so that most of the problems could be solved without visiting mechanic frequently.

tips for maintaining a car

Things to check once in a month in your car:

  • the more you use the car , engine oil will start reducing, so make sure that oil is in sufficient quantity and check for any leakages too.
  • observe if your pipes got swollen or holes in it because this can stop your car in middle of the road.
  • Replace torn belts with a new one for safety purpose
  • Air filters should be cleaned regularly
  • Tyre which are swollen or damaged are very dangerous , as it can lead to accidents

tips for maintaining a car

For every three months

  • change engine oil for every five thousand kilometers  you travel
  • Transmission fluids quantity should be checked regularly
  • Battery cables must be cleaned from rust

For every 6 months:

  • Wiper blades must be checked if they are broken or damaged
  • Horn, breaks and break pads must be checked by mechanic
  • shock observers if needed should be fixed again
  • silencer rust must be cleaned

so , these are the tips for proper functioning of your car  , if you have any tips share with me in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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