salad with peanuts and radish

Salads are healthy and nutritious. If you are on a diet these tasty salads help you in quick weight loss and also serves as  evening snacks .

Salad with peanuts :

salad peanuts

Ingredients required: cup of peanuts

tomato-1, Onion -1

Lime juice – 1 spoon

Corainder finely chopped  – as required

green chilli finely chopped- half spoon

Chilli powder- half spoon

chopped onion – 1 (optional)

Salt- as required

preparation method: Take a bowl add some salt and water into it , now add peanuts into it. leave it for half an hour , then boil peanuts in a pressure cooker. Remove the water, add the remaining ingredients and mix it well. Add lime juice at last , garnish with the coriander and chopped onion (optional)

peanuts salad

This salad is a mix of carbohydrates, vitamins , minerals and monosaccharide fats. Slows aging, controls cholesterol and acts as memory booster.

 salad with radish

radish salad

Ingredients required : moongdal- 1/2 cup

Radish – one (big)

Corainder/cilantro- 1/2 cup

Lime juice- 1 spoon

salt – as required

Grated – coconut – 2 spoons

For seasoning : oil-2 spoons, mirchi – 1/2 spoon, curry leaves – 4 or 5 , mustard – 1/4th spoon, Asasfoetida- a pinch


preparation method:

Soak moong dal in water for2-3 hours, then should be taken into a bowl by removing the water. Then add garlic to it.  Now take a frying pan add oil to it , after heating of oil add mustard seeds , then add green chilli, curry leaves and a pinch of asafetida. Then add the mixture of Moongdal and radish to it , switchoff the stove . Now add  lime juice, chopped coriander, grated coconut and mix it well. Add salt before serving the salad.

radish salad

This salad is rich in folate, potassium, B6vitamin and calcium etc.,

so , these are the salads which are healthy and can be prepared easily. If you like the post, please comment ,share and subscribe to my website.

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