My birthday with my granny

     I used to love spending time with my grand parents. Actually, as i am youngest grand child they always used to pamper me more than others, especially my grandmother,  she  used to treat me as a princess. I used to visit my Grand mothers home during my summer holidays.  She  used to make me know different things and made me eat different types of dishes, specially prepared for me , she really used to love me a lot and i still remember the affection i used to see in her eyes towards me. As my granny home is ancestral , their used to be a big lawn with beautiful garden and along with various medicinal herbs , she never used to have a health problem. She always used to tell me , how to grow plants, how to respect elders, spiritual stories ,poems what not and now i too have a small beautiful garden in my home because of her and i still memorize my grand mother tips in growing plants ,  she always used to smile , i never seen her in tension, the way she used to  handle things is still a miracle and impossible to me. She is really my motivation and i always memorize her in critical situations , get inspired from her to handle the situations.I usually care people the way she used to do, even though she is not educated, if she is then must have become a psychologist, as she is an expert in  reading  the minds of people.
     I still remember that was my 10th birthday , as soon as i got up from my bed i have seen my grand mother wishing me happy birthday, that was the most memorable birthday in my life till now. She prepared many dishes  and made me eat with her hands. She bought me many gifts especially the barbie doll where i always used to ask my mother to get one, i don’t know how she came to know but she bought me that day and gave me as a gift, not only that she made an album of photos especially taken since from my childhood and made an album and gave me as a gift, even though on that day i was more interested in barbie doll, but now i memorize her by looking into the album the pics which i have taken with her.  Every time my grand mother used to wish me through telephone but that day she surprisingly visited my house early in the morning and gave me such a good memorable moment in my life because i told her that i miss her on my birthday which is a special day that is today March 14th,  even though i celebrate my birthday every year i miss her madly. Those precious days ,moments i spend with her in my granny’s home never come back but i still love her and never forget her in any part of my life. She is the one who taught  me how to care and love people, think positive and can make anything possible if we work together with confidence and positivity.
     I always have a dream of constructing a dream house like my granny’s  and planning for that, if you are also planning a  dream house like me , then please do visit your dream home in your own place.

Veena N

Hello. This is Veena, HR professional and blogger from India. I love blogging on various topics related to health, fitness and career.

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