Make your own face pack at home

Make your own face pack at home with various fruits and vegetables in less than 10 minutes. This face packs makes your skin glow and look beautiful.

Face pack with papaya fruit:


  • To remove  dark spots of pimples from your face : Take the ripened papaya fruit pulp , add  half spoon of honey, 1 spoon of curd  mix it and apply on face gently, wash it after 10 minutes with cool water. As papaya acts as a natural peeling agent it helps in removing the dark spots quickly.


  • To remove the wrinkles on  face: Take the pulp of papaya fruit, add some rice flour to it and apply gently on face, wash it after 20 minutes with cool water, by doing this regularly for about 3-4 times in a week makes skin stiff and wrinkle free.

Face pack with Potatoes for glowing skin:

face pack with potatoes-for-removing-dead-cells-from-skin

  • Take potato paste add 2 spoons of oats powder, 2 spoon of milk, 1/2 spoon of honey, 1/2 spoon of olive oil , mix it well . Apply the paste and scrub it evenly, then wash it with lukewarm water, this pack make your skin glow and this suit for all types of skin tones.

Face pack with tomatoes to remove dirt:

face pack with tomato-for-removing-dirt-from-skin

  • This pack helps in removing the dirt formed on the face . For making this pack take some paste of tomato add some honey to it and apply on face smoothly, after sometime wash your face with cool  water, this will make your face look fresh .

Face pack with Hibiscus  to remove dead cells and dark spots caused due to injuries:

face pack with hibiscus-to-remove-dead-cells-and-spots-from-the-skin

  • We all know that Hibiscus is mainly used for the growth of hair but we can also make a pack with this to remove the dead cells from the skin. Take 2 spoons of Hibiscus leaf powder , add 1 spoon of honey , some milk to it and make a thick paste of it , apply it on face gently and wash off with cool water after sometime. This helps in removing the dead cells from the skin and  the antibacterial qualities in Hibiscus helps in reducing the pimples on face, this also helps in removing the spots caused due to injuries as well .

So , these are the various face pack which can be made at home easily. Please do share and comment , will be posting some more face packs as well .

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