Loved the HP StarWars Special Edition Notebook

In this world of competition everyday we fight with our problems, sorrows, worries, opponents, competitors ….,irrespective of age and gender in my view we all are considered as warriors and some times we win and lose, but will always be a warrior.

Many of us feel of  considering ourselves as heroes or get inspired from others and sometimes we even compare the people with the characters of some  Historical movies like Starwars, which grabbed many awards and millions of fans all over the World .  I love these type of movies  which inspires  me and  usually showoff my friends by showing my series of collection which includes videos,wall papers, fashion accessories like T-shirts, key chains etc., related to the movie. Likely,when i came to know about the news of HP star wars edition notebook #AwakenYourForce which consists of all related content of starwars movies  series and the first thing i got attracted towards was the lines apart from its technical configuration:
     “fully armed and operational, there’s no other notebook like it in the galaxy.”
I felt like i am entering into the war and was having a feeling like being a hero , the world is waiting for me 🙂 . The features and the graphics of HP star wars special edition note book  makes you excited in such a way that you feel like you are part of the movie  and ready to win on the evil ,you can check out few images of this note book and will accept with me.
i will explain  a few features of it fun side rather than technical side:
Show your mood to the World:
So , first let me start with the features of Desktop, it starts with the Kylo ren who is the villain of Starwars (so the war begins) , so here we can find huge collection of wall papers of Starwars movie series, so you can show the world your mood especially in my case i will show it to my MOM and my best friend 🙂 with whom i always fight.
Play the sounds attract others:
we do have the star war sounds through which you can make  as a remainder for your email or a ringtone  this sound usually demand the people attention around you specially if you are working during nights, just imagine what will be there reaction and i love this part.

Playing Video games is now real fun with the lighting keyboard:
I love playing video games with my brother and friends,  now it will be more fun if we play with this notebook and i can make it as a prey to my cousin to make my work done too, one more interesting fact is it has back lit keyboard through which i can switch off lights and can play videos games at nighttime.

Comics and videos:
Wow, this is the best part of this notebook, is that it consists of starwars series in comics and videos through which i can engage my cousin reading this and  will not let him wake me up early in the morning (Thank god i can sleep for some more time )
so what you are waiting for tell me your fun side of this new HP star wars special edition notebook and grab this notebook before it runs out of stock as it is limited edition.

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  1. Rahul says:

    I liked the part about all of us being warriors!!!! 🙂 We all carry the Force within us. Best of luck.

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