Friendly Tips to improve creativity in kids

Life is very interesting when we remember our childhood most memorable moments. This article is about sharing some friendly tips on improving Creativity in your kids when they start understanding various facts around the world.

In Our Childhood most of us used to be introverts. We never used to speak much and have many doubts and anxiety on learning what new things are. But most of us never ask in a fear on what our elders say. Generally grand parents identify this very quickly. They  start developing our skills by making us observe different things in and around us. They tell us stories in such a way that we feel things are happening just in front of us. This  helped kids in building imaginative skills. Elders know how to improve creativity in kids and how to get them started in showing more interest in studies during kid’s age, how to participate in various competitions and how to become confident about ourselves. So if you are a parent reading this article, it is your responsibility to start improving creativity in your kid. Let’s take an example in this article on how to improve creativity.

 Friendly Tip: Make your kids observe things around you , make them ask questions. If they don’t ask, you can put questions and answer them with patience. This way your kids will find a friend in you and will also help them in asking questions. This will help them to improve their creative skills.

Make your children tell stories:

To improve creativity, ask them to share their imaginative stories by sharing some beautiful clippings of wonder world. This will help children to think, imagine, learn and express, which are important to enhance their creativity. I will explain with my recent experience where I was baby sitting my niece who is 8 years old. I asked her to tell me a story in her own way by giving her the Colgate magical sea world collection which I bought for her. I helped her in cutting ,organizing, and gave her some time to make a story by clubbing all the pictures.I felt really interested when she started telling her magical story in her way:

magical stories
Story in her words. Once there lived a person named Black beard a pirate ,who on a mission in search of treasure, his friend Sadie and her parrot who is trained to speak like humans are helping him in search of treasure which was shipwrecked long ago with the help of a map. While they are moving in the sea, Sadie observing the dolphins tells the parrot that they are friendly and smart, they usually live in groups called pods. Then she showed the Killer whale, also known as Orca, is the largest member of the dolphin family and next showed the sting ray, which uses the stings for self defense.


magical stories map

Treasurehunt map

treasure hunt 3

Sadie, observed that they are near to the treasure and asked black beard to jump in to the Coral reef,an underwater ecosystem where one can find different creatures like Barracuda , Sea horse male which carries eggs in a pouch unlike others, Lion fish which are dangerous because their needle like spine and teeth are poisonous,sea turtle etc.

treasure hunt 2

Before jumping, sadie gives a hint to black beard that treasure is near an underwater castle, on his way he sees various fishes like star fish which can regrow their limbs, puffer fish which defends itself by filling water in its stomach, sword fish which has a bill shaped like a sword etc.,

magical stories


In the mean while he finds a beautiful mermaid , asks her help, in finding the castle and treasure, she with a beautiful smile says that her friend crab helps him in showing the way to the palace, also says that he has to fight with the Octopus which is guarding the treasure, likely he thanks mermaid, fights with the octopus and wins the treasure.

This is one example of how to enjoy spending time with your kids and enhancing their creativity.

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