Friendly tips for beautiful face with milk

Milk can make your face  look beautiful ,glowing and stress free, today i am here to  share  a few friendly tips for the same in making the skin glow and get rid of various allergies.


    • Get rid of pimples:

      pimples on skin is a common problem faced by many irrespective of ages, especially teenagers. These are usually  formed due to the continuous exposure to dirt, bacteria, pollution etc., which closes the pores on skin results in formation of pimples.  The only way to get rid of pimples is to keep the face always clean. Milk and its products has very good qualities in removing the dirt from the face for which one need to scrub the face with it  regularly , by which it cleans the skin and helps in getting rid of pimples.

beauty tips with milk

  • Helps in Removing the dead cells:

    Alpha hydroxy acid in milk helps in removing the dead cells from the face  so you can scrub your face with milk regularly and later  wash it with water.

  • Removes the dirt:

    Apply milk on your face then gently remove it with using cotton ball this will help in removing the dirt and make your face glow.

  • Milk as moisturizer:

    Vitamin A present in it acts as a moisturizer and lactic acid in it helps in removing  the spots formed due to the pimples .

so, it is clear that it acts as natural agent for skin. Likely,  now a days many cosmetic products are available in market but it is better to prefer natural products which are healthy to skin .When ever you come from outside wash your face with cold water this will helps in removing most of the dirt from your face , helps in making you look fresh.  Please do share your valuable comments and will be posting various other tips useful in our daily life.

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