Free Coffee with CafeCoffeeDay Deals

This is my first post in FriendlyTips. Just to share an article which can get you a free Coffee at Coffeeday. Given below are the steps on how you can get a free Coffee for you and your friend on your next CafeCoffeeDay Visit by installing their Android App.

Below are the steps. Follow few steps below and you get your Coffee. This promotion is presently going for all Coffee Day outlets in major cities for installing their Android or IOS APP in your smart phones. Below are the steps.

Free CafeCoffeeDay Deal with Android App
CafeCoffeeDay Deals

Steps are simple and you are good to go in few minutes.
1. Cafe Coffee Day has started their Android and IOS App for buying in their outlets. Cafe Coffee Day also famously known as CCD have started their APPS and give a promotional offer of Rs.100 (as 100 beans) for installing their app in Android of IOS Smart Phones.

2. Visit the link below to install CCD APP. In their words, one bean is equal to one rupee.
Fill the details. To get 100 beans initially, fill the referral name as SRIR12 which is my code. Don’t forget to add it.

3. Once installed, you are good to go. Just show the beans at the outlet and you are going to get 100 beans redeemed for beverages.

Isn’t it cool. Why not give it a try at your favorite CCD outlets. This is only for first time install and with present promotion.

Why not enjoy a free Coffee at CoffeeDay. Did you like this CafeCoffeeDay Deal. Do share your thoughts. If you like FriendlyTips, do give us a like in social media.

Note: This is not a promotion by CCD. It is just one way to use your Android phone for a good APP.

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  1. July 16, 2016

    […] a wonderful response to the Free Coffee from Coffee Day App, it is the next article in the series to get a free lunch or dinner at one of the top restaurants […]

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