First flight journey and my friendly tips

First things are always memorable in life as they are thrilling and interesting. This article is about my first flight Journey within India and my experiences of the Journey. Some Friendly Tips for people who are looking for Travel Tips when traveling on Flight.

My First Flight Journey
I still remember that day, when my brother informed me that he has booked the tickets for Bangalore trip through Yatra, which is one of the best websites for booking a domestic flight in India. He informed me that he has mailed me the tickets and I need to take the printout of the flight tickets along with the identify proofs when traveling on that day.

I was happy and excited as it was my first flight journey and that too along with my parents. So, as informed by my brother I have taken print out of my flight tickets, packed my bags, kept the Identity proofs (you can take anything like PanCard, Voter-id, Passport etc., which are recognized by government of India) and e-tickets in the front pocket so that it would be easy to show when we go for a security check. The security people are very friendly, and check your names with the Identity proofs to the names in the flight tickets.

Travel Tip: Book your tickets as the names mentioned in your Identity proof. Remember

After the security check is complete, in the entrance you will be asked to go for the counter number of your booked airlines for taking your boarding passes. In Vizag it was only five to six counters. But in cities like Bangalore, Delhi you will have many number of counters. So ask the security or information desk for the counter of your airlines. I have a flight with Spice jet Airlines so I along with my parents have gone to take the boarding pass.

Coming to Luggage, you have three types of Luggage. Check in Baggage, Hand Baggage and Laptop Bag. If it’s a hand baggage or laptop bag, you can take along with you. Check in Baggage need to be handed over to the staff and after landing you can take your luggage from the Conveyor belt which will be announced by the flight crew while landing the flight.

Travel Tip: Better to go 1 hour prior to your flight timing for taking boarding pass. Some domestic airlines doesn’t accept boarding in last one hour. You can do a web check-in as well for most of the domestic flights in India these days if you don’t have checkin baggage.

Next, after taking the boarding pass you will be going for complete security check in two separate rows for Men and women, the after security check they will stamp your boarding pass.

Tip: Don’t carry much coins in your pocket, the security will ask you to take all your coins from the pocket .

Later you will be asked to wait at certain gate numbers, if you are early to your flight time you have to wait with your fellow passengers over there, you all will be asked to move at onetime, so you have to pay attention to the flight attendants announcements when they come to your Gate. Some times you asked to go in Airport bus to reach your flight.

Tip: Pay attention for announcements

After the announcement the friendly staff welcomes you with a smile and help you to know your seat , after that when the flight is about to take off , the air hostess will ask you to switch your mobiles and ask you to wear seat belt. They will help you if you are unable and you can also ask to adjust the seats if you are not comfortable. Then after that the pilot will introduce himself, the time it would take to land to your destination. Then the Air-hostess will let you know some safety instructions which you need to perform in case of emergency. That’s it when you are about to landing the pilot will announce that they are landing and will announce the conveyor belt where you have to take the luggage handed over by you if any at the time of taking boarding passes.

Tip: You can use your Android phones in Airplane mode after the announcement of Air-hostess to switch your mobiles. Better to have your ear phones during your flight journey.

After my landing, I have a booked a car to my destination which is very easy and safe to go. Almost all the airports in India provide services for car and bus transport. Remember to take transport of government rather than that of private. You can see a difference of around Rs.500 between them.

Then I landed in my hotel safely, met my brother and made a plan to travel to different places in Bangalore.

Tip: you can have various discounts on the hotels prescribed by the websites, like Yatra. I enjoyed my hotel stay at a very reasonable price as my brother booked flight and hotel together in Yatra.

The next day we planned a two day visit, to travel to various places like Mysore palace, Zoological park, Srirangaswamy temple, Brindhawan gardens, Jog water falls and few other places. I will updating the article in the next part.

My First Flight Journey is something I loved to remember. If you have some interesting comments, do share with us.

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