Festival of Lights and Happiness Diwali

Every year, the last three months are very happening because these three months bring the top festivals in India. Starting from Ramzan, Dussehra,Diwali and then Christmas, people enjoy these festivals with their loved ones and family. Especially if we talk about Diwali, most of the people including me love to enjoy with my family. Diya Diwali is one of the best with family and I would love to call it GharWaliDiwali. Just sharing my views on why Diwali is one of the most enjoyed festivals for me with my family and why it is so auspicious.

Diwali Festival of Lights

One of the best part of Diwali is that we have lots of things to do on the Diwali festival. Being a girl, I love to decorate my home in a more auspicious manner with lots of lights and get my house clean and tidy. Most of our relatives who stay in various cities come over for Diwali and this marks the occasion very happening in our house.

My brother who works in Northern part of Diwali is one of the best company I get during the Diwali season. Being a HR, i don’t spend much time at home due to work load. But if my brother is around, no more interest in my work as we have more things to do and lots of places to visit.

Every childhood friend visits our house and my mother prepares some of the awesome dishes for the Diwali. And the best part are the crackers which we start two days before Diwali itself. Getting your friends and family around, especially those who moved to different cities and states and celebrating the occasion with them is one of the best aspects of any festival. I love the moments and cherish those moments which last for ever.

Getting them ready for the Diwali day and when my fathers brother and sister families arrive, it is full of fun and enjoyment on the Diwali day.

I love to enjoy the flower pots, BhuChakra’s (crackers on the land which rotate) and Vishnu Chakra’s (catch them with hand and they circle the light). My brother and his friends do various experiments with Rockets, Lakshmi Bomb and other bombs.

On the day of Diwali, we have the Lakshmi Pooja praying for the good to bring us lot of happiness, wealth and courage. After the Pooja, it is the time for the crackers. When competition starts on firing the rockets, crackers and when the night resembles the day light, you will enjoy the festive occasion. My clients ask me when is the best time to visit India and I always ask them to enjoy the moments of Diwali with Indians.

I love both Holi and Diwali which embarks the history and culture of India for all over the world. With time coming up for Diwali, and lot of shopping to be done, I wish all the blogger friends, colleagues a very happy and safe Diwali.

Enjoy GharWaliDiwali with your family and don’t forget to bring lots of sweets when you come back from your vacation.

I love writing articles which enrich the culture of India and I love Indiblogger and Pepsi for giving a chance to make me think in writing such good articles. Share your lovely moments of Diwali in the link https://www.gharwalidiwali.com/ and enjoy the festival with people from all around the world.

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