Dark spots Home remedies

Many of us regularly face one common problem that is dark spots on the face, especially teenagers who face this  problem due to the pimples, stressed life style, unhealthy food habits, pollution etc., so today I am going to share some friendly home remedy tips to get rid of these dark spots on the face.

Papaya and Aloe Vera face pack:

face pack with aloevera and papaya

We all know that papaya and Aloe Vera  act as good cleansers for skin . So, take two spoons of papaya pulp add half spoon of honey and Aloe vera pulp then add 2 spoons of milk and mix it well. Then gently apply it on the dark spots , after 15-20 minutes gently wash your face with Luke warm water. Apply this pack for about 3-4 times in a week for good results.

Juice of Potato:

potato juice for dark spots

Potato juice helps in getting rid of dark spots by simply applying around and after some time clean your face with some water. By doing this regularly , the spots disappear.

Turmeric and Lemon juice face pack:

turmeric and lemon for darkspots

We all know that Turmeric acts as an antiaging agent and also has antiseptic properties which is healthy for skin . Mix one spoon of turmeric with one spoon of Lemon juice and apply gently on your face , after drying it for sometime wash your face with water. This not only reduces the dark spots but also helps in making your face glow.

Banana Fruit:

banana for dark spots

Take the pulp of banana fruit and apply on the dark spots , clean with water after sometimes this also shows active results when applied regularly.

So, these are the best home made packs which are suggested by many expert beauticians to get rid of dark spots not only this one can also apply  avocado, oil of Vitamin- E, Pudina like natural ingredients for effective results , so try this and let me know your tips and views in the comment box below. Thank you and please do visit again for more tips .

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