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Cyclone taught us How to live together

Yes, today i am here to share a real time experience of my life and how the cyclone changed our life’s  and how it taught us the value of togetherness. I stay in Visakhapatnam , their was a Cyclone “HUD HUD”last year in the same month that is october, so memorizing it , i want to share some thing which made me know the value of togetherness, how it changed my lifestyle,

First of all i will tell you what happened on that day as we are aware of the cyclone all the schools, colleges, companies etc are closed , we are very thankful to all the government and officials who made us to think about the cyclone seriously as most of them took lightly, so anyways on that day we stayed back at home likely, i never expected that cyclone would be that much severe and it turned all upside down. Many windows, are broken, thunders sounds horrible……….cyclone has been continued till 2 days. Believe me, no current, no communication , no drinking water nothing, likely slowly, as expected Mr.Chandra babu naidu the Chief minister has taken all the necessary steps to provide immediate needs like milk, water, emergency clinics, medicine, electricity etc., and his governance was just amazing, thanks once again sir.

Pics taken in
Andhra University campus

As there is no electricity, no transport,all the cell phone towers are collapsed no working of telephones, mobile phones, computers, internet, etc., so now people started talking to each other, sharing their views etc., and the fact is even though their is no electricity for 15 days i haven’t felt bored, i didn’t even thought about these things for few days believe me i felt relaxed with out the digital world. In order to fetch water we depended on hand pumps , all the neighbours , children, students used to gather  and started chitchatting, and to my surprise i came to know that most of them know me and my daily activities  even though i never spoke to them, i don’t know why but i felt really happy when i spoke to them, Evening we use to play,sing and eat together. At that moment i memorized the advertisement of kissan tomato sauce http://www.kissanpur.com/ “kissanpur the real joy of happiness”

Likely, in order to support rural and remote areas, to clean the surroundings which turned green Visakhapatnam like a dessert  and to support the government we all has joined the hands with the various NGO’s and many organisations came forward, started collecting clothes, distributed the food packets, provided emergency medical assistance, cleaned the surroundings etc., and this was the most valuable experience i have learned in my life.

Lastly, as requested and decided by the Andhra Pradesh government we all decided not to celebrate deepavali festival as the lighting of crackers may result in fire accidents , Now we become again to normal state now we got back the old Visakhapatnam, this all the effort of all of us. Now vizag is one of the smart city, and also we got back the old vizag as well which is all the green and now i always have a smile, chitchat for a while with the people all around me, play with the kids on weekends and now i have friends of all ages, believe me their is no age for friendship. I want to tell you one thing from my experience that in this digital world of technology please take time to share,give and live together believe you feel happy from heart.

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