7 Best BreakFast Weight Loss Diet

Breakfast is one of the important part of your food diet. if you are looking for the best breakfast weight loss diets, this article covers top 10 Breakfast Weight Loss diets which are recommended by fitness experts. An overview of these diets is mentioned in article.

Top BreakFast Weight Loss  Diets


A heavy breakfast is considered good for maintaining your health. There are some very good food diets suggested by nutrition experts that keeps your body fit and healthy. Indian breakfast ranges differently for south Indians and North Indians. So given below are some of the best suggested breakfast diets depending on your style of breakfast.

  1. Multigrain Chapathi-2- 3+ any veg sabji 1 cup+
  2. Idlis- 2-3/ dosa- 2+ sambhar 1 cup+ mint chutney 1/2 cup, or
  3. Dahlia upma/ Sooji Upma/ poha – 2 cups( made with lots of vegetables and grams)
  4. Dosa 2-3 without added oil, made on a non stick tava+ 1 cup dhal with greens
  5. Multigrain chapathi 2-3 + omelette made from 2-3 egg whites
  6. Whole wheat bread 3-4 slices+ cut veg like cucumber and tomato and mint paste
  7. Oats/ ragi porridge/ muesli 2 cup (no sugar should be added, instead honey can be drizzled and chopped almonds and walnuts can be added, sprinkle cinnamon powder ½ tsp over your porridge)

These are some of the 7 best breakfast weight loss diets that are suggested for Indian food habits.

Do share your best breakfast diet which you maintain during your fitness levels.

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